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Why the heck aren’t car seat bases standardized?

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We use the UPPAbaby car seat and dock, and it is incredible. The dock is simple to use, and install – it literally takes me under thirty seconds to install.

UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

Originally we bought two docks, one for each of our cars. But, after finding out how easy they are to install, we returned one, and just switch it out to different cars depending on where we are going.

Not only is the dock simple to install, but it is also so easy to get the car seat in the car – you literally drop the car seat on the dock, and it locks. So easy. Of course, I know that you can strap in the car seat with the seatbelt, but that takes time, and I never trust it as much as using the dock.

FYI: this is an old school car seat – I don’t think they thought about safety back in the day

What isn’t easy is going into other people’s cars when they don’t have the UPPAbaby dock. A perfect example of this was from our trip to Palm Springs, where we had to lug our dock with us for our trip. If there was a universal dock, which would work for all car seats, then we could have just rented a dock from the car rental place. Renting cars would be so much easier. Getting a taxi when you have a baby would be so much easier. Inlaws would just have to buy one dock for all their grandchildren. Life would just be better.

While at it, this universal dock could have an alarm built into it – baby in a car seat while the car is turn off the alarm goes off. Baby in a car seat, and it gets too hot or cold, an alarm goes off.

Of course, this dock would work with all car seats from baby to infant to booster seat.

So, why is there no universal car seat dock?!?

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