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Why are baby cribs so bad on your lower back?!

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A baby’s nursery is a wonderful and magical place. We put so much time and effort into building a room for Haddie that is both beautiful and safe, but what I didn’t consider is my own safety.

Go to bed Haddie!

It wasn’t until I threw my back out two and a half weeks ago that I realized how terribly designed cribs are for people with lower back pains. If you are having a baby soon and have lower back pains, be warned: cribs are the worst!!!!!

I’ve watched countless Youtube videos on the best methods for not injuring your back when taking a baby out of a crib, and I can say that they are all rubbish. It is nearly impossible to take a baby out of a crib and not strain your back, especially when the crib mattress has been lowered – especially when your back is already out. I need to be able to keep my back straight, and lift from my legs.

In my drugged out daze from pain killers, I mentally invented a crib made specifically so it is easier on your back. After a few seconds of research, I found out that the reason I didn’t know that there are alternative cribs and the reason my invention wont work is because “Drop Cribs” are illegal in Canada and the US.

I found a hydraulic crib that lifts the mattress up on Amazon (US), but I imagine it would be painfully slow and I imagine prone to break from the moving parts. We need a safe drop crib.

I totally get it: babies have been injured and died from drop cribs being installed improperly, but in an age where we are inventing self-driving cars, and magnetic deadbolts on security doors, surely we can figure out how to make a safe Drop Crib?!

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