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Where to get the best kids birthday cake?

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I feel a bit bad. Not terrible, but a bit bad.

For our daughters first and second birthday we went all out of birthday cakes. Weeks in advance I ordered incredible looking cakes, specialized for her interested. I drove across town to pick them up. We paid big bucks.

Haddie’s First Birthday Cake – Elmo!

For her first birthday, we have a 3D Elmo on the cake. For her second birthday we had a 3D Peppa on the cake*. These cakes looked incredible, and we got really awesome pictures with the cake. The cakes tasted pretty good.

Haddie’s Second Birthday – Peppa the Pig Cake

For our son’s first birthday, I totally forgot to order a custom cake weeks in advance. Days in advance I tried calling the top cake bakers in town, and no one could do a custom cake with 2 days notice. I begged. I pleaded. No one could help us out.

We ended up buying a generic white cake at Loblaws. While the pictures weren’t the best of the best, the cake was f’ing incredible. Best cake I’ve ever had! And, it only cost $28.

Generic White Birthday Cake – only $28!

The kids aren’t going to remember the taste of a cake 20 years ago, but I don’t think they care to see a picture of them with the cake either. So, save yourself some cash, and treat yourself to an incredible white cake from your local grocery store. You won’t be disappointed.



* I hate Peppa these days. I think she is rude, uses “bad words”, is not a good friend, and is generally not the best influence. In retrospect, I wish we didn’t do the Peppa cake.

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