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Toilet training is exhausting

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Why do we toilet train kids? Why are people always in such a rush to have their kids potty trained? The truth: diapers are the easiest! Shouldn’t we just leave diapers on kids until they leave for university, then they can figure it out on their own!?

Okay. Okay. Leaving diapers on a kid until University might not be a realistic idea, but toilet training – or potty teaching – is really, really, really, exhausting.

(Baby + Toilet Training = Need for a Vacation)

We are following the quintessential potty training book called, “Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right” and it is pretty awesome. But, prior to us starting on this adventure, I was under the – silly – assumption that this would be a one weekend adventure, then we would just continue on with life as usual. Nope. Now we have one “underwearless” month ahead of us, where I think we’ll still need to be vigilant watching nervously for any signs of an accident while we are out-and-about, not to mention lugging around a “travel toilet”* to use in the middle of the street if need be. Oy vey.

Oh Crap! Potty Training, by Jamie Glowacki

I often hear of kids trained in a day, or after three days the training is magically done. Nope, I don’t think that is the case. This is a month long adventure. Sure, the first three days are the hardest, where you are literally watching your naked kid like a hawk – then, of course, the one second you’re not paying attention an “accident happens”. We waited to toilet training until our daughter was just over two years old, and she was “ready”. She was really ready. She already used the toilet regularly, and knew when a pee was coming. So, I thought this training would have been a breeze.

It might have been easy, but it was not “no problem”, it was exhausting. Being house-bound for three days, and continually watching every move of your child, looking for signs that something is happening, figuring out movements, wondering if you’re doing it wrong, dealing with tantrums over wanting diapers, it is tiring. Bravo to all the billions of parents who have done this; we are obviously not the first. But, bravo to all of you. But, then again, why do we do it?? Just keep these kids in diapers until university, or at least don’t rush it.



* Yes, we bought the travel toilet, as well has 4 baby toilet seats to go on our toilets, as well as a fake little toilet. Jeesh, at the end of the day, all this kid toilet stuff costs as much as a real toilet. Here is a link to the OXO travel toilet we bought, which is pretty good.

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