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Have a dog, and bringing a newborn home?? Here are some tips

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Are you having a human-baby, and worried about how your fur-baby will react when the little one arrives?

Schnitzel, the CEW of BuzzBuzzHome

Schnitzel (Tiny Golden Doodle) is 2 and a half years old, and for those 30 months he has been the center of attention at our house. Schnitzel isn’t any normal dog, he really is the king. He sleeps on our bed, and makes us move around him. He has his own Instagram account, and is more famous than Carlie. He comes to my office daily, and actually has the title of CEW (Chief Executive Wooficer). He has multiple dog walkers, in addition to me walking him 6 times a day. He gets his nails did and hair blown more than Carlie. He is in whatever room we are in. He is the best. He is King Schnitzel.

Schnitzel checking out the nursery before the big day

We didn’t know how Schnitzel would react to becoming a big brother, and while we thought he would be great, we were concerned about him.

Schnitzel being a good big brother

Haddie is now 6 weeks old, and to date Schnitzel has been a dream dog. Here are some tips to how we prepared Schnitzel for the big day:

  • In the months leading up to the arrival we made sure that there were lots of kids at our house, from ages 2 weeks through 5 years. Not only were they in our house, but they brought all their gear and gadgets with them. As such, Schnitzel was ready for the toys, pacifiers, and new noises.
  • While we were at the hospital for the delivery, we made sure Schnitzel was staying somewhere very comfortable, with people he loves. This made sure he wasn’t already in a stressed out state.
  • Prior to bringing Haddie home, we sent some articles of clothing with her scent over to the house he was staying at, and let him play with those clothes. This made sure he knew who she was when we brought her home.
  • We made sure that Schnitzel was back at home before we arrived. This, again, was to relieve stress and ensure him that this was still his home.
  • Most importantly I think, we involved him in all aspects of the new baby.

Now, I am anything but a dog trainer, so maybe everything mentioned above is wrong. But, from our experience it worked out great. While Schnitzel was a little depressed the first 2 days, he seems totally into Haddie. In fact, when she cries he tries to comfort her. When she sleeps, he likes to be by her side. When she “toots”, he likes to check it out.

We are trying to give him lots of attention, and while he has been great to date, we are still keeping a close eye on him.

Have any other tips? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Addy Saeed
    | Reply

    Great advise… I would just add the following:

    Anytime there’s a big event coming up, just make sure the dog is exercised well. If the dog isn’t exercised, he/she has a hard time reprogramming into a new behavior. So, if you’re having kids over, take the dog for a long walk or the dog park before having the kids over so he isn’t thinking about anything other than being there with the kids and learning a new experience. Same goes for when bringing the baby home…

    i’m definitely going to be following this advise here… 🙂

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Great advice. Thanks for sharing!

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