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The Most Important Pro Tip for Flying with Little Kids

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The internet is full of tips for flying with kids. Sure, bring lots of snacks. Of course, bring toys for them to play with. No doubt, be prepared for them not to sleep. There are hundreds of hundreds of tips out there. Heck, I’ve even written numerous posts about flying with kids at different ages.

Haddie has been following all the pro tips. Headphones. Screen. Water. Extra water. Snacks. She is set. Luckily, so was I!

But, all the posts are missing the most important tip of all tips. This tip should not be forgotten. Honestly, bookmark this page right now, and before you leave your house for your next plane ride, give it a quick read as a reminder.

PRO TIP FOR FLYING WITH LITTLE KIDS: Always, always, always, always bring a second (or third) set of clothing for yourself.

Last week our family was flying home on a 4.5 hour flight from the Caribbean to Toronto. All was going smoothly. In fact, one hour in, both kids were fast asleep. Haddie, our (almost) 3 year old was asleep on my wife’s shoulder. Zev, our 18 month old son, was fast asleep on my shoulder. Then, it happened. I felt my entire body get warm. My stomach started to warm up. Then my waist. Next thing you know, my legs were getting warm. At first I thought Zev was just heating up, then I quickly realized that his diaper had exploded and I was covered in pee.

The literal moment before I was covered in pee

Luckily, we were going from a hot weather destination to a cold weather destination, so I was still in my shorts and t-shirt, but had packed my jeans and sweater for changing into before landing. So, I had a spare set of clothes.

But, had I not had an extra set of clothes, it would have been a very very very uncomfortable trip home.

In case you missed it above, always pack an extra set of clothing for yourself when travelling with little kids. You never know when a diaper will explode. When a kid will barf all over you. Or, who knows what else could spew out of these little people.

Happy flying.

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