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I’M SORRY! I now totally understand the importance of shush’ing

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In a previous post I’ve apologized for bad talking scheduling and trying to push for later dinners, but today I must apologize for shhh’shhing.

Dear my sister-in-law Shawna, I am sorry.

For the past five years you’ve been shhhhhh’shing me at the cottage to keep the noise levels down when your kids were sleeping – I’d always heed your shhhhhhh, but would make faces like “WTF?!” to my wife. I couldn’t take the “shhhhh”. It seemed like every peep anyone made was followed by a “shhhh”. Shhhh right back to your shhhhh. Uh oh, now fast forward to Haddie being born, and I now get it. I am sorry.

Not sleeping, but so darn cute

Getting your kids to fall asleep at nap time for sleep time can be really difficult, and emotional. There is nothing I hate more than seeing Haddie crying – it just breaks my heart. So, when she finally does fall asleep, the last thing I need is for someone to wake her up because they can’t keep their f’ing voice under control. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to not yell?!?

Just talk with indoor voices people. Shush!

Here’s a quote from my very smart and insightful aunt, Elaine:

Being judgemental towards other people’s behaviour of child rearing will be remedied after you have your own, Believe me there will be many more realizations as they grow, Best to keep our lips zipped. We r all guilty,

I couldn’t have said it better Elaine!

Shushing too much for you? I downloaded the app “MyShush” so it would be automatic. The app kind of sucks, but is funny to use when people are bad-talking the shush.

This app sucks, but it is funny

Now, the big question is: should we be trying to nap her through the noise, so we don’t need to be shhhh’shing everyone? Probably, but I am not taking that risk of waking her up. Sleep tight little Haddie, I’ll be shhhhh’shing for you for a long time.

To all my friends who have shushed me in the past, and have me give you the finger, I’m sorry. To all my friends who I am shh’shing, deal with it. To anyone making faces behind my back, shhhhhhhhut up.

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  1. Brendan
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    I’m giving you the finger behind your back right now. SSSH!

    • iSlutsky
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