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SURPRISE! Sunflower fields are awesome

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There has been so much negative press recently about urbanites destroying sunflower farms in Ontario. It’s amazing how a few bad apples can ruin a really awesome little adventure. But, are you really surprised by this? Sunflowers are awesome and beautiful – and, we live in an Instagram world.

Beauty + Instagram = disaster!

Taking a Selfie for Instagram on the Sunflower Field

Vice Magazine had my favourite headline: “Sunflowers Are the Latest Casualty of Selfie Culture”, and here’s the original story from The Globe and Mail, titled “‘We’re closed forever!’: How the search for the perfect selfie led to bedlam at an Ontario sunflower farm”.

Over the past few years I’ve been noticing more and more tourists heading to Innisfil Ontario to explore the Sunflower fields. Three years ago, there was a handful of people circling the fields. Last year there was a few traffic jams around the fields. And this year it seems that Sunflower Mania is in full bloom. Hopefully next year the farmers charge more, hire more staff, and get to really profit off this!

Sunflower fields are beautiful when they are in full bloom, and they are an incredible place for little ones to run around and explore. Not only are they beautiful and fun, but they can also be great learning experiences for kids, especially urban kids who think that produce comes from the grocery store.

Sunflowers everywhere!

Haddie is only a year-and-a-half old, and she was amazed by the bees and watching what they were doing on the flowers.

Of course, before going to a sunflower field and running amuck, do some research and see if there are any fields in your area set up for guests. If not, speak to the farmer first, and make sure it is okay to wander around. Don’t be a jerk.

A beautiful sunflower in a sunflower field

Over the weekend we went to Edwards Farm (1574 Ninth Line, Innisfil, Ontario – $10 per car), and it was amazing. The people working there were amazing, kind, and you could tell that they just loved kids exploring the fields.

Sunflower season only really last about 10 to 14 days, and we are deep into it in Ontario. If you want to see the sunflowers, this upcoming weekend will be your last chance in southern Ontario until next season.

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