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Stuck in Nap Jail at the Cottage

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Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved cottaging.

I love escaping the city, and being free. Free to go biking when I want. Free to hang out by the bondfire. Free to doze off on the dock with a good book, a fine cigar and a drink. Free to spend a few hours on a craft, or tending the smoker.

I escaped nap jail to light some end-of-season fireworks, and test out Live Capture on my camera

This summer, for the first time, my cottaging experience totally changed. This was the first summer that we’ve had a baby, and as such it was the first time I experienced “nap jail”.

What is Nap Jail?? I have no idea if there is an official definition, so I defined it below.







being stuck inside while the baby naps, and not being able to move outside a boundary as set by as far the baby’s cry carries.


“help!! I need some food colouring to make the vinegar and baking soda volcano, but I am stuck in nap jail”


antonyms: free time, play time, fun times, party time, BYOB

You know those 50km bikes you love to do? Too bad: you’re in nap jail. Know those crafts that you want to do that require a few extra items from the store? Too bad: you’re in nap jail.

Of course, we’ve had some awesome outtings at the cottage with Haddie, like long walks and visiting sunflower patches, but cottaging just won’t be the same for many years.

Haddie enjoying the sunflower patch

But, I don’t think it is a bad thing; just a new thing. I just hope that Haddie loves cottaging as much as we do, and I can enjoy watching her loving the cottage life.

What do you do to overcome nap jail?

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  1. Andrea
    | Reply

    Enjoy it while it lasts. My husband can’t tell you how much he misses “nap jail” and the opportunity to get some shut eye mid day.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Yeah – I hear a lot of that. I loved them in the winter, but not so much in the summertime!

  2. Jen
    | Reply

    You sit down, relax, read a book, enjoy the quiet, breathe. Instead of nap jail look at it as forced relaxation/Me time. 🙂

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Very true, sometimes.

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