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Smartphone vs. Car: Which would you prefer??

If I was going to give you only one, a car or a smart-phone, which would you take? But, whichever I give you, means that you can never have the other. To reiterate: If you had to decide, which would you rather live without – your car, or your smartphone?

I recently heard about an MIT survey that asked this, and the majority of students picked smartphone.

What would you pick? Which do you think your kids will pick??

I would pick smartphone as well. Then again, I live in midtown of a major metropolis, surrounded by subways and public transit. In addition to the public transit, my city has a competitive taxi infrastructure, as well as services like Uber.

I just love the connection of smartphones, and the ability to connect to people from around the world at any time via services like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I love the ability to use Google to answer any question, no matter where I am.

When my daughter is old enough to answer this question, the power of smartphones will be incredible, and the car as we know it probably won’t exist – which I think is a real shame. Thinking back to my teen years, the automobile was the ultimate form of freedom. It was a way to escape our neighbourhoods, go on adventures and experience a whole new world. I couldn’t imagine my teen years without the car. I imagine that the current generation thinks their smartphone offers similar freedoms.

Oh, here’s a harder question: Internet vs indoor plumbing?????? (I picked indoor plumbing).

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