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Save your pipes!!! Don’t flush those wipes!

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So, you’ve had a baby! Congratulations!

Chances are you’ve pre-bought some wet wipes and diapers. Good on you. You’re off to a good start.

Now, slow down there. Don’t get too excited like we did. Yes, they are wet wipes. Yes. You can use them on yourself. BUT WAIT. Don’t throw them down the toilet, or else……


Chances are, they are not flushable.

You see, there are two types of wet wipe:
– Non-flushable, which seem to make up 99% of the market, which will probably block your pipes; and,

WAIT! STOP! Don’t flush!

– Flushable, which are harder to find, and won’t break your plumbing.

Yup! All safe to flush ONE of these

Just a word of warning: the flushable ones say only one per flush. So, clean up yourself the old fashion way first.


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    T.P IT IS!

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