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Review: The Ultimate Radio Flyer Wagon

I was so excited to get a kids wagon. They just look awesome, fun, and practical. But, as time goes by, I am more and more disappointed with our decision.

Here are some things that I thought about when we bought this kids wagon: Kids Wagons: are they worth it?

Just over a year ago, with our second child entering the world around the corner, we decided to make my dreams come true and buy a kids wagon. We love long walks, and shopping local, so we decided to go for the top of the line Radio Flyer Wagon – complete with All-Terrain tires, cushioned seats, a fabric trunk, and a canopy to keep the sun off the kids. We paid over $350+tax (~$275+tax USD) for the wagon, and investment that I was sure would be money well spent.

Check out the wagon below. Don’t be fooled by the kids smiling faces, the adults pulling this beast are not smiling.

Haddie and Zev cruising in the early spring in the Radio Flyer Wagon

We’ve now been using the wagon for over a year, and I despise the wagon. I really tried to love it. We use it almost every day. But, I just hate this wagon so much.

All the features are awesome, but the biggest issue is that IT IS SO HEAVY. My wife works out every day, and is so fit, but she can’t even lug this wagon around with both kids in it. I naturally am very hot, and in the summer time I am sweating in under five-minutes trying to move this thing. Long walks?? Make sure there is a bench every five minutes to take a break.

Haddie trying to pull Zev in the wagon – she can make it about 2 feet before needing a break.

It is so heavy that I wouldn’t want to take it on more than a 30 minute adventure. But, thats not a problem, because the wagon is so large that it barely fits into my large SUV truck, so we can’t actually take it anywhere outside our neighbourhood.

The question is: is this our fault for not doing enough research, or is this Radio Flyer’s fault for ever building this thing?? I don’t see how they can ethically sell this, knowing that it is just too heavy to actually be functional.

Sorry to all my readers out there – I don’t have an alternative at the moment. But, if we sell this Radio Flyer Wagon, we will be buying an other wagon and I’ll keep you up to date on my thoughts.

Rating: F.

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