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[BABY PRODUCT REVIEW] The Nespresso of Baby Formula

I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets. Need some juice? No problem, we’ve got a juicer. Need some spiralized sweet potato? Yup, we’ve got the spiralizer. Need some watermelon and lime juice? Not a problem, we’ve got the watermelon tap. You get the point, I love everything for the kitchen.

Yes, I bought this (product review coming later??)

When we heard that there was an instant warmed baby formula maker, I knew that we’d have to get one. Yes, you read that right: instant warmed formula.

Meet the Baby Brezza, as I’ve dubbed the Nespresso of Baby Formula.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro in all its glory

I must get a few things out of the way:
1. Your baby will survive without a Baby Brezza;
2. This post is NOT sponsored by Baby Brezza;
3. We’ve only been using the Brezza for a short period of time, if my opinion changes, I will update this post.

How easy is the Baby Brezza?
Step One: put bottle under spout
Step Two: pick ounces required, and press GO
Step Three: give the bottle a quick shake in case there are any clumps.

Done. Total time: Fast.

Will your baby survive without this machine? Yes, of course. Have people been making warmed bottles for a long long long time, without issue: Yes. Is this going to disrupt the entire formula industry? Nope.

But, will this save you a lot of headaches, baby cryings, spillings? You bet it will. Will it give you near instant baby formula? Sure will! It will also solve that mystery of: “Did I put in one scoop or two??!?”


Issue One: You can’t change the temperature of the formula – it comes out at the perfect temperature for our daughter, but she isn’t picky.

Issue Two: It is always keeping the reserve tank warm, which seems like a waste of energy, compared to the Nespresso espresso maker which warms on demand.

Issue Three: We boil our water, but you can’t put the boiled water direct in the reservoir. You have to wait for the water to cool to room temperature. I have yet to figure out the best way to do this. I’m sure I’ll end up buying some cool kitchen gadget to help with this.

Issue Four: You MUST clean some parts every day, and the entire machine once per month. I am so sick of cleaning and sterilizing bottles – why couldn’t they make some cool self clean feature?

Price: $191.71 CAD – It’s not the most expensive, but also isn’t cheap. But, considering that we were using liquid gold pre-mixed formula until our daughter was 4 months, this thing seems cheap.

Final Thoughts: I really love this product, and I hope that it lasts the test of time. I would recommend this to friends, as long as they promise to clean the machine every day.

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