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Presents by Tanlines: great music for the whole family

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Have you heard of Tanlines, out of Brooklyn NYC?

You might have heard of them. Rolling Stone named their 2012 song “All of Me” the 43rd best song of 2012. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them. No matter the case, after reading this post – if you have children or children on the way – you wont be able to turn them off.

I will not lie. I didn’t know of this band until this weekend, and I never heard of All of Me until reading a Wiki post on the band while writing this post.

Late last week my brother, sister-in-law and niece were over a playdate, and my brother put them on the outdoor speakers while the kids played – and, I haven’t been able to turn them off ever since.

Haddie (L) rocking out with Charlie (R) to Itsy Bitsy Spider

You see, the band are comprised of two stay-at-home fathers (Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm), who decided to make some music that adults and children will both enjoy at the same time. Here is their Twitter announcement:

According to a different Twitter post by Tanlines, they created the album via their own label, “Apparent Records”. Ha.

All the songs are great, but Haddie and my favourite is: “If You’re Happy And You Know It”.


I love this album. And, I really hope that they produce a longer album really soon, as five songs just aren’t enough. If you love these songs as much I do, then give them support and buy the album. While I’ve been streaming it all weekend, I’ll be buying a copy after I post this.


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