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Packing List for a Toddler and Baby for a Holiday Vacation

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Traveling with two kids under 2 years old is really stressful. This stress is compounded when you are going to a destination where you might not be able to buy locally any of your staples for the kids, such as formula.

Almost fully packed, and ready to go to the airport

We recently got back from a holiday trip to Mexico – shoutout to The Finest Playa Mujeres, which is an awesome all-inclusive resort – and in the weeks prior to our departure we obtained “baby travel lists” from multiple parents,* and put together our own detailed account of what we needed to pack for the children.

My classic GoPro in the Hole Shot

If you are looking to travel with two under two, here is our compounded list of everything we needed. Feel free to print this off, or copy and paste the list and make your own.

Without further adieu, the list for an 11 day vacation:

– Bumpers
– Crib sheet
– Sleep Sacks
– Sound Machine
– Monitor (one screen and two cameras and chargers)
– Swaddle blankets (6)
– Bottle soap
– Bottle brush
– Bottles for Haddie (2)
– Bottles for Zev (5)
– Hair brush
– Bibs for Zev (4)
– Childs Cutlery
– Disposable place mats
– Body moisturizer
– Vasilene
– Toothbrush and Toothpaste for Haddie
– Butt Cream
– Toys for Zev
– Books for Haddie (Peppa books and Dora books)
– Lunch box
– Bag for pool
– Nose sucker
– Wipes
– Stroller fan
– Stroller cover for sun
– Poo bags
– Child 1: Diapers / Swim Diapers / Night Time Diapers
– Child 2: Diapers / Swim Diapers / Night Time Diapers
– Tylenol and Advil
– Thermometer
– Sippy Cups (2 for Haddie and one for Zev)
– Powder Formula Containers
– sunscreen
– Baby Food Packets
– Napsack for Zev
– Powder formula
– Ready Feed Formula
– GoPro Hero 7 Black
– Roll of Duct Tape
– All Purpose Leatherman
– Double Stroller (City Mini)

Clothes for Haddie:
– T-shirts/tank (combo) (10)
– Shorts (8)
– Pool dresses / or night (3)
– Light pants (3)
– Long jumpers (2)
– Short jumpers (4)
– Crocs
– Sandels (1 pair)
– Bathing suits (4)
– Pool hat and baseball hat
– Light zip up long sleeve (1)
– pj’s (5)
– Socks (4 pairs)

Cloths for Zev
– Sleepers (6)
– Undershirts/ tank undershirts (10)
– Shorts (5)
– Pants (3)
– Long sleeves and one warmer sweater (4)
– Pool hat and one baseball hat (1)
– Bathing suits
– Socks

Carry on
– Crafts / Play Doh
– iPad
– headphones
– Bottles for Zev (3)
– Bottles for Haddie (2)
– Lots of ready feed formula (24 hour supply in case of on plane delays)
– Swaddle Blankets (2)
– Bibs for Zev / burp cloth (3)
– Wipes
– Water Bottle for Haddie
– Bjorn
– Baby Advil
– extra clothes

*Special shout out to Lu for her overly extensive list

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  1. Bubbie Myra
    | Reply

    And meds for parents that you may not be able to get at destination or in hotel. Like Tylenol cold/sinus, polysporin,antiobiotics for known recurant infections like UTIs.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      For sure – although this is a list specifically dedicated to children. One thing that is missing: natural cough medicine.

  2. Benjamin L Land
    | Reply

    OK everybody keep calm when you see this:


    Literally the most used and favorite piece of baby gack we ever had. It fits flat on top of most family size suitcases for best travel bath ever.

    Using it at home – Dad can keep (mostly) dry and sit in the dry large tub while baby/kid is in their tub.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      That looks awesome! And, would have been great for this trip, as the hotel didn’t have a bathtub for bathing the little ones.

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