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Overnight Diapers – Pampers vs. Huggies

Our kids drink a lot of water. I am not talking about a cup here and a cup there, I am talking about a constant stream of water entering their little bodies.

If you have babies that drink a lot of water, you know the annoyance of diapers leaking at night, and a constant barrage of laundering sheets and PJs. If you don’t have kids that drink a lot of water, well, maybe you also have leaks at night.

We’ve always been a Pampers family, and with two little kiddos, we go through a lot of diapers. We’ve always loved the quality of Pampers, and our kids seems to be able to move really well in the Pampers Cruisers. Of course, when it came to overnight diapers, we stayed loyal to our brand-of choice, and continued to use the Pampers Overnights.

We are still loyal to Pampers in the daytime!

One night, we were low on overnights, so I ran to Shoppers Drugmart to pick up a fresh box. They were out. What does any insane parent do in such a situation??? Of course, I drove to another Shoppers, but they were out as well. Again, I hopped back into my car to check out a third Shoppers. Guess what? They were also out. I decided that I was done with driving around, and I left the Pampers brand, and grabbed a box of Huggies Overnights – we’ve never looked back since.

Yes! Finally no more changing the sheets in the morning!

The Huggies Overnights performed so much better than the Pampers. You see, while we were loyal to Pampers with their Overnights, the Overnights never really worked. We always had leaks, and we just thought our daughter peed a lot – A LOT.

With the Huggies, we NEVER had a leak – ever.

It could have been a coincidence of timing, but then last week we ran out of Huggies Overnights, and Shoppers was out of the Huggies. So, we picked up Pampers Overnights, and KABLAM! Pee everywhere in the morning – EVERYWHERE.

So, there you have it: Huggies Overnights for the win.

I should note that while I have a Masters of Science, this judging was not scientific. Just our experience.

Pee on our little friends. But, I think it might be time for some toilet training.

Also, of note, aDADable is not sponsored by either Huggies or Pampers.

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