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No one wants to see picture of your kids

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You know what I’ve always hated: parents who post about their kids all the time, talk about their kids all the time, and go around showing pictures of their kids to everyone. Honestly, no one wants to see them.*

Dangnabbit. I just realized that I’ve become that guy. I post pictures of my daughter on social media,** I tell people that she’s started to roll over*** and giggle, I go around the office showing pictures of her. Heck, I even show people videos of her giggling.**** Even more, I started a dad blog and post the link all over the place.

How did I turn into “that guy” so fast?! She was only born 4 months ago.

Cutest baby, ever. Am I right????

Why do I do it? I honestly think that my daughter is the best, cutest and smartest baby around and I imagine that everyone wants to see her. Am I being narcissistic? Is there a word when you are narcissistic about your kids? I think the word might be “annoying”. I also know that everyone thinks this of their kids, which is why there are so many annoying people out there.

There is a flip side to this, which is how I’ve rationalized doing it until this point. The flip side is, social media and posting our life-story to the interest has become the norm. The truth is, over the last four months our daughter has become my everything in life. All my free time is now hanging out with our daughter, which means that all my feeds which used to show me doing exciting stuff or cooking, is now me playing on the floor with our little-one. So, doesn’t it make sense that my feeds would be taken up with picture of her? As I mention in the notes below, I think I’m okay online – but, it is in real like (aka IRL) that I think I’ve gone too far.

I am going to continue posting pictures of her to Instagram (honestly, I’m not that bad – max I post of her is one per week), as judging by the comments and number of “likes”, people actually like seeing her. I am going to continue to post these aDADable blog postings to Facebook, as they often get a lot of engagement, and people are constantly messaging me telling me how much they appreciate the posts.

That said, in my day-to-day life I am going to stop being “that annoying dad”. If you catch me in the wild showing off pictures, please call me out on it.

Cutest. Dog. Ever!

YES! I will continue to show off pictures of our dog Schnitzel to everyone who wants to see. I am not biased, he is the cutest dog around.


* This statement might not be true. I think my parents, in-laws, brother, sisters-in-law and brother-in-law wants to continue to see them. Don’t worry, we’ll still send out pictures!

** I actually think that I am pretty good online. I don’t think I over post, and I think that I follow my baby posting social media rules pretty closely.

*** For everyone that cares, up until today she’s only been able to roll right. But, this morning she rolled left! She’s brilliant.

**** Giggling babies are the BEST. If you don’t like seeing videos of a baby giggling, then you might be dead inside.

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    I am linking to this on my blog. It’s nice to hear what dads think.

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