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Monthly Baby Picture Ideas

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Every month, from month one through month twelve, we took a picture of Haddie; and, we are doing the same for Zev.

It is a lot of fun, and it is incredible to see the changes in them month by month. But, even more amazing is being able to look back on them, and remember some of their memorable moments.

I love looking at their changes from one month to the next, or taking a look at Haddie and Zev when they were the same age.

Watching Zev grow month to month
Same month, different kids


From doing this month to month for a long time now, there are some things that I highly recommend, and some things that I do not recommend.

Things to do:

  1. Buy one of these fun chalkboards, as it lets you put in things like number of teeth, weight and height, and also lets you put in some of the more fun things, like what they are loving and what they are hating;
    Our Monthly Baby Chalkboard
  2. Make sure you use a constant between each picture, as it allows you to see their height change in relation to the item. For Zev we used this really fun doll, where you can change the month-number each month;
    Our Tactical Baby Bear with velcro months
  3. Dont fret if you miss doing the photo on their exact birthday – we are often off by as much as 10 days;
  4. Use a good camera. It is easy to use your phone to take the picture, but if you want to use these pictures to make a book, then it is worth while getting your proper camera out;
  5. At the end of their first year, make a book in chronological order of the best of the best pictures.

Things to avoid:

  1. For Haddie we had these really fun shirts that have the month number on them. They made for great pictures, but also made it much more of an ordeal to actually do the pictures, especially when she was older, and getting her to change was a pain;
    So good, but such a pain
  2. As you get into month 9, and above, keeping the kid in one place can be difficult. Don’t worry! You just need one shot with the chalkboard and the others can be more fun – just let them roam.
  3. If you are going to be doing a book, the more locations you do them in, the more memorable the event will be. Dont only use one chair, or the same room.
  4. The more stuff that needs to be done to make the picture work, the more annoying taking these pictures can become. So, keep it as simple as possible, or before you know it, you’ll have missed a month.

Get snapping!

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