» » Did you know that Lululemon used to make baby’s clothes?!

Did you know that Lululemon used to make baby’s clothes?!

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True story: Lululemon used to make baby clothes.

I have the proof, right here.

Baby Lululemon Pants – stay tuned, Haddie will be rocking them soon

So, why did they stop making them? I don’t know. Maybe because people don’t want to pay $98 for a pair of baby pants? To be honest, I have no clue how much they used to charge for them. But, it seems that they stopped making them sometime around 2007.

I asked Lululemon about their baby pants, and below is their response.

Lululemon talking about baby clothes – or, lack thereof

They told me to goto Ivivva, their children’s brand – but, again nothing for babies.

They told me that they’ll “put in a good word.” I have no idea who they are putting in a good word to? Maybe the designers?

Why do I care?? I don’t know, but I feel that Haddie would enjoy her own Lulu outfit ASAP. Maybe we should start a petition to get Lululemon back on the baby clothes train? Is that your jam?

PS: For all you dads out there, their anti-ball crushing pants are great, as is their underwear.

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  1. Cathy
    | Reply

    To help you out, there was a ONE TIME run of baby items that came out in conjunction with the birth of Chip Wilson’s twins (I want to say 2006). It hit a certain number of stores and once sold out, it was gone. It was fun, but not something that REALLY made sense to continue in the long-run considering all of the workmanship to make itty bitty items with technical clothing. Still darn fun to have some, right?!! I still have some 6mos items … with babes bigger than that, but what to do with it now?! So cute its hard to get rid of 🙂

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Yup! Good news, we were able to score a pair of pants last week for our little one!!

  2. Morgan
    | Reply

    I was lucky enough to come across a baby lululemon outfit, was pretty pricey but definitely worth it! I was more excited than my child was. 😂

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      We got a pair of pants from my sister in law, but Haddie’s now outgrown them!! Need more!!

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