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Kids Wagons: are they worth it?

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For a long time I’ve had fanciful and whimsical thoughts of life with a kids wagon.

I imagine walking over to the local farmers market, with the wagon and our little one in tow, filling it with fresh baguettes, overflowing with tomatoes and kale, all the while Haddie is laughing and playing in the back of the wagon with all our deliciousables.

As I talked more and more with our friends with children, I’ve heard mixed reviews about wagon life, which is throwing my whimsical thoughts into disarray.

Some people tell me that life with a wagon is exactly as I am expecting. One of my close friends told me that all three of his kids fit into their wagon, and love it. But, an overwhelming number of people tell me about all the negatives, saying that wagons suck and warn me against it.

I am told, time and time again, that wagon life is not what I expect. In fact, they tell me that it is awful. The the negative category include:

  • The arm and handle are just too short, so unless you are 4 feet tall, you have to walk hunched over to pull it;
  • They are very heavy;
  • Multiple kids do not fit in it, and if you shove them in, their knees are banging against each other;
  • Kids despise being in the wagon, and are always uncomfortable
  • There is actually not that much room in the wagon, and you can’t really fit a kid and a load of baguettes and fresh produce;
  • They are bulky, and take up way too much room;
  • They are heavy, and generally a pain to move around when kids are in it;
  • They are not convenient to transport.

While I trust the overwhelming reports of how bad wagons are, my dreams of life with a wagon outweigh the facts presented.

Now comes the question, which wagon should we purchase??

Does anyone have any suggestions??

Here are the wagon choices that I am choosing from:

Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon, red

Price: $199

How happy do these kids look! Right!
Radio Flyer Highlights:
  • Removeable UV protection canopy
  • Expandable rear storage bag that folds away
  • 3 sets of seatbelts
  • 4 child and 2 adult cup hilders
  • Fold under handle for easy storage
  • 10 inch tires for a smooth ride

Step2 – Whisper Ride Touring Wagon

Price: $119

How can I say no to a two-tone base???
Step2 Highlights:
  • Molded-in high seat backs for extra comfort
  • Removeable table surface
  • Handle folds under the wagon for transport
  • 10 inch tires for a smooth ride
  • Long handle!
  • Removable canopy

The Veer Cruiser

Price: $799 (Yes: you read that right! $799 – but, it is just soooooo awesome)

The Ultimate and Grand Daddy in Kids Wagons
  • Push or pull;
  • Easily foldable for travelling and storage
  • Lightweight
  • Extendable arm, with ergonomic handle
  • Infant seat attachment – yes, this is a highlight to me, as we are going to need it very very soon 🙂
  • Extra large rear storage
  • Tires and rims that can handle anything from snow to mud to city adventures
  • One touch foot brake
  • Extra leg room for passengers
  • Rear wheel fenders.

Of course, the Veer meets all my needs, but $800 for a wagon??? Is it worth it?! I just dont know.

Of course, once I select one, I will be doing a full review.

👇👇👇👇Any advice on wagons?? Please share below!👇👇👇👇

9 Responses

  1. The Veer would be awesome, but at a $800 price tag.. it’s super expensive. Though, talking to a local retail store that carries them, they are the only approved wagon for Disneyland as you can push them (they dont allow the pulling of wagons) so you can see the child(ren) in it.
    I plopped my daughter into it the other day (at the store) and she wouldnt let me get her out. It has a nice little seat on either side and a tray you can put between them for snacks etc.

    Other than that, we dont have a wagon for kids specially, we do have a foldable wagon for carting things. We have put the kids in it, but its definitely not meant for hauling kids around.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      The Veer Wagon just looks so awesome – almost a replacement for a stroller? Maybe I’m just trying to rationalize the price 🤣

  2. Bubbie Myra
    | Reply

    I cannot see your daughter staying still in a wagon for more than 5 minutes.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Hahahah. She loves sitting in her convertible push car, so who knows. I think she’ll love it.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Ha. Well, she loves her convertible push car, so who knows. I think she’ll love a wagon.

  3. Raquel
    | Reply

    Hi i have a veer and love it,, i just took it to dland now that all the kids have gone back to school. It folds up easily and fits perfectly in my mercedez benz trunk, for changing my grandson, i can use one hand to convert it to a bed/ changing space. Worth every dime.

  4. Mark
    | Reply

    My family could not do without our veer wagon, I couldn’t believe something under a grand (like $910 with all the extras and the taxes) could transform the way I live life with my kids but the thing is amazing. We took a trip to denver with our 2 kids and the wagon made the airport experience no big deal. Both my kids in it I wheeled them into security, wheels pop off and it goes through the scanner, gate check the wagon, then when I get to the baggage claim I fold the sides down flat and stack like 200 lbs of luggage on it. The price was shocking because I didnt know what I was going to get out of this thing. Now that I know, if it got stolen or destroyed I would go buy another one without even thinking about it.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      In retrospect, we should have probably purchased the Veer. They are just so awesome. I hate our stupid wagon. It is so heavy, and with two kids, near impossible to pull up a hill in the summer.

      • Dom
        | Reply

        lol. It sounds like you have answered your earlier question as to if wagons are good or bad idea.

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