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Is there Operational Drag in parenting?

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Should we be teaming up differently to be better, more efficient parents??

My office recently started to try to cut down on Organizational Drag. If you don’t know what Organizational Drag is, you can find an awesome podcast on it here.

Wooooops. Wrong type of drag

In a nutshell, organizational drag is when a company squanders money on time-wasting activities – as an example, people in meetings that are not essential, or having to read through threads of emails when they are not involved.

This got me thinking to the job of parenting, and the responsibilities of each parent. If one parent is really fast and efficient at sterilizing the bottles, while the other parent is really great at feeding, should those be the defined roles of each parent? What about bedtime? If one parents is really great at getting the child to bed, should both parents be present at bedtime?

This is not me – not sure where I found this

Personally, from my limited experience as a parent, I think that there really isn’t any organizational drag or opportunity cost to parenting. It really is about the journey, not the destination when it comes to parenting.

It’s the Journey, not the destination

Even if I am slower at changing a diaper, I love my time changing Haddie’s diaper – in fact, it might be one of my favourite times with her at this age. I like goofing around with her on the change table, and tickling her toes when I change her. Sure, I might be slower, but I think it is great time for the two of us together, and while my time could be better spent on other things, like sterilizing bottles, tidying up the house, or being at the office, that isn’t what parenting is about.

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