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Do people still buy batteries??

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For years I wondered how the battery business was still alive, and functioning?

Basically everything you need that is battery powered is now housed in your phone. Here are some examples:

  • Flashlight;
  • Video camera;
  • Digital watch;
  • Pager;
  • Stop watch
  • Music player
  • Calculator
  • Portable video game console;
  • Alarm clock; and,
  • The list just goes on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny.
Did you know that both Duracell and Energizer use a bunny in their ads?!
In fact, everything that was sold in the 1991 RadioShack advert below is replaced by your smartphone.

1991 Print Ad from RadioShack
When was the last time you ran to the store to get some batteries?

Now that we have a baby, I understand who still buys batteries. It must be the baby industry that is fuelling these companies. I can not keep our house stocked with enough batteries. No matter if they are AA, AAA, C, or the huge D, every baby toy seems to need these things.

Yes, I had to make a 9pm run to the store last night to get some AAA for our ExcerSaucer, and the day before that I had to run around town to get some D’s – which my Rexall doesn’t even carry anymore.

That said, lets be honest, brand does not matter that much any more for basic goods. Whether it is Amazon selling their own brand of home essentials, or Rexall selling their own batteries – brand just doesn’t matter anymore for basics. So, sadly, even if there is a baby boom, Duracell and Energizer may be going the way of the dodo.

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