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Is Diaper Genie Gouging the Baby Market on Poop Bags??

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Did you know that there is diaper garbage etiquette? Yup! Here is one tip: Don’t put dirty diapers in someone else’s trash!

I didn’t know this until we had our baby, and were at our doctor’s office for the first visit which has a big sign: “DO NOT PUT DIAPERS IN THE TRASH.”

Luckily Carlie knew this, and had pre-packed a bunch of Diaper Genie travel baggies.

The Diaper Genie portable poop bag

The pack that we had contained a container and 25 bags, which lasted us a few weeks. So, I went out on a mission to find some refills, and when I found them, I was astonished and annoyed.

A rolls of 25 baggies costs a whopping $3.97 – that’s $0.17 per bag!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I find this gouging and outrageous?? Why was I so annoyed?? Because we have a dog, and I often buy dog bags for $0.02 per bag (actually, because I am an Amazon Prime member, I get them for 20% less than that). And, as far as I can tell – other than colour – they are the same bag!!

900 count of Amazon dog poop bags

So, why is Diaper Genie charging so much for these bags?? Because they can, and because people way overpay for anything baby related.


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  1. Daniel
    | Reply

    Please update this post with a link to those doggy bags on amazon 🙂

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Whoops! Good call – wrong link was there. This has now been updated with the correct link.

  2. Alex
    | Reply

    Great post, as always Matt! As an alternative for people who are not Amazon Prime members (like myself), you can always get poop bags from Dollarama….you can buy a pack of 100 bags for $1.00, or 1 cent per bag.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Next time you go, can you confirm the price? Everyone that I talked to said that the lowest they could find is $0.18 per bag.

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