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How would you make the baby monitor better? (hint: poop)

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Baby monitors and cameras have come a long way over the years.

This is the type of monitor we have, but that’s not our LO

When family, or the older generation, sees our baby monitor they always comment that they never had a monitor – no video, no audio, no nothing. Sucks to be them, but we did survive.

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Enter today’s crazy world of high tech monitors with high definition cameras, blazing lights, excellent sounds, and all the bells and whistles that you can imagine – or so you would think. Personally, I think that monitors could do a lot more.

In the first few months after our LO (FYI: “LO” is online parent talk for “little one”) was born, I was really into the video monitor – we could ensure she was on her back, and doing well. But, after she started crawling around, I got much more into the audio, and rarely look at the actual display.

There is one feature that I really think monitors are missing, and I am not talking high tech stuff like seeing heart rate and breathing patterns – I think those things could drive you nuts!

uhhhhh oh……

Personally, I would like the monitor have the ability to smell the room, and let me know when our LO has pooped. You see, sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night crying. Sometimes it is a nightmare, and she just falls back to sleep. Sometimes it is a poop, and she’ll never fall back to sleep until we change her. But, we have no idea if it is a poop that woke her up, so we have to wait it out and do a trial and error. In any event, by the time we go into her room, she has totally woken herself up, and getting her back to sleep can be a pain. If we immediately knew it was a poop, we could do a quick change, and get her back to sleep in no time.

How would you make your baby monitor better? Me? I’d add a poop-meter.

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