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[PRODUCT REVIEW] How to stop your baby from rolling over and waking up

It was incredible to watch our daughter roll over for the first time a few weeks ago. Watching her take new development leaps is just incredible. She rolled from her back to her stomach. After a few attempts she was able to free her arms, and into a perfect tummy-time position. I was a proud father.

What I didn’t realize: this roll over comes with major nighttime issues.

You see, she can now roll from her back to her tummy, but not back to her back. And, having my obsessive gene, she has to continue to practice this roll until she perfects it. The issue is that she likes to practice at 2 or 3am overnight, then faceplant, meaning that we have to wake up, roll her onto her back for sleep again (plus, maybe feed her and change her). This pattern continues throughout the night, meaning that we aren’t getting much sleep.

I was told to never tell anyone this, but our three and a half month old daughter is an amazing sleeper. Like, really amazing. So, this midnight rolling-over causes a major setback to sleep patterns, and we needed to squash out the midnight roll-over.

First we tried the Nested Bean Zen Sack, it worked “okay”. Our hopes was that the little weight on the chest would keep her on her back. The one night we tried it she did not flip over, but she woke up many times throughout the night trying to turn.

The Nested Bean Zen Sack

Then, our good friends who also just had a baby gave us the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. This “thing” really is magic. I feel like some new parents one night got high, watched Ghostbusters, and thought “If we made a sleepsuit like the Marshmallow Man, a baby would have a really hard time flipping over.” This Marshmallow Man sleepsuit is what they made, and it works wonders.

Ghostbuster’s Marshmallow Man

At first you’ll put it on, and laugh really hard, then you’ll take a picture of your kid in it, and send it to everyone you know – it is just that funny. But then, you’ll go to bed, and wake up 12 hours later without your child moving much. Magic.

Haddie in the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit



  • yes, at first we were concerned that Haddie would overheat. We keep her room a bit cooler, she only sleeps in a diaper and onsie, and we don’t put socks on her, and she seems perfect.
  • yes, we were scared that she would roll over, and not be able to get her head up to breath – but it is not weighted, and she has head movement when we put her on her tummy.

This post was neither sponsored by Ghostbusters, nor Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

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  1. Alyssa
    | Reply

    We didn’t use this one but I’ve heard great things! Before Elliot could role over we loved the Halo sleep sac.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Did Elliot roll over, and need flipping back?

  2. Teresa
    | Reply

    Baby Merlin’s sleep suit does Not recommend using for tummy sleepers.

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