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How to deal with back pain and a baby

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Having a baby when you have back issues is a recipe for disaster.

I’ve struggled with lower back issues for a long, long, long time and throw it out about two to three times a year. I’ve tried everything from pilates to core strength training to acupuncture to suction cups, to MRIs, to discussions about surgery. Nothing helps.

This is where I hurt

When we found out that my wife was pregnant, one of my first thoughts was about how to deal with a baby when you have bad lower back issues.

Haddie is about to turn 7 months old, and somehow I made it this far without throwing my back out. But, last week the dreaded happened – and, I am in immense pain. I can’t pick up our baby. I can’t play with her on the floor. Basically, I can’t do anything. Seeing as I am a very hands on father, this is a real bummer.

I wish this post was going to have some silver bullet in it, or some awesome hacks on how to deal with back issues and raising a baby – but there isn’t any. I am going to do more core strength training. I am going to do more stretching. But, I have no idea if any of these things actually help.

All I can say is that I am so thankful to have such an awesome and understanding wife, who is very very very tired right now, and doing everything while I sit back and do nothing. Thank you!

Other than having an awesome spouse, if you have any hacks, please share them below. I need them now, and I am sure I will need them in the future.

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