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How do you install a child car seat??

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Did you install you kids car seat? Do you know what you’re doing?

On weekends, my SUV is typically our family vehicle. We love to overpack for weekend cottage adventures, so my extra large SUV is our vehicle of choice. It is also spacious in the front seats, which is really important when you have a rear facing seat. And, it is a Volvo, so it is pretty darn safe.

Oy vey!!! I don’t even have car seats in this car!

On weekends we have two car seats in the Volvo, and during the week I take one seat out to have an extra space for passengers, and Schnitzel (our dog / BuzzBuzzHome’s Chief Executive Wooficer). As such, I am always taking out a car seat, or installing one. I think I know what I am doing. I assume that anyone installing a car seat for their kids think they know what they are doing.

That said, Toronto Police are currently doing car seat spot checks (aka #OperationImpact2019) and you know what? 76% of car seats checked FAILED.

Just for effect: 76% of car seats checked by the Toronto Police FAILED the spot check.

I should also mention that the way you install the seat is very important, but it is also very important to actually buckle the little kids correctly. According to the Ministry of Transportation:

To use a seatbelt properly:

Make sure the shoulder strap lies across your child’s shoulder and the middle of the chest (not the neck or face)and the lap bel crosses over the hips (not the stomach).
Never put the shoulder strap under your child’s arm or behind their back.
Never secure more than one person with the same seatbelt. One person, one seatbelt.
Seat children under 13 in the back seat of your vehicle. This is the safest place for children to sit.

Contrary to popular belief, Fire Services does not provide car seat installation – at least in Toronto. Monthly child car seat clinics are also offered by volunteers from the Toronto Police Auxiliary unit and are currently run out of TPS Traffic Services station. If you want to book and appointment, click here.

So, seeing how many cars failed the Car Seat Spot Check, how certain are you that you are installing it correctly? I am pretty certain that I am doing it correctly, but I am going to re-read our manuals to ensure that we are safe.

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