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Do you have rules about posting pictures of your little ones online?

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I am embedded in the internet. I am basically online 24/7, and am very active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (although, my Snap usage is way down). So, when Haddie came into the world, this posed a big issue about how much information we would share about her online.

Haddie in a box on Instagram

Side note, I even created a separate dog account for Schnitzel’s life.

Schnitzel’s Instagram

Some parents chronicle their kids every move online, posting multiple photos per day, and usually I stop following these people pretty quickly. Honestly, it is nice to see a picture every now and then, but no one actually cares about your kids every move – except their grandparents. I knew that we did not want to be one of those people.

Some people never ever post photos of their children online, which means that I rarely get to see how my friends children are growing up. I know that I did not want to be one of those people.

Carlie is not very into the online world of sharing, and was very hesitant about sharing any photos of Haddie online – totally understandable.

There is obviously a lot of drawbacks about sharing images and information of your kids online, namely privacy and safety.

So, I decided that I would continue to use the online world as I always have, which is basically chronicling the good and funny parts of my life, and sharing information that I think is beneficial to anyone following me. As Haddie is little, she is obviously taking up the majority of life these days, which means that she is getting some extra attention online.

Here are some of our growing list of rules about posting photos of the little one:

  • Does not share any private information;
  • Does not explicitly tell our location;
  • With very few exceptions, post on max one baby photo every 2-3 days;
  • If I see any friends taking photos of Haddie, I like them to ask for approval to post;
  • They are photos that are beautiful, funny, or cute, but not something that she would ever be embarrassed about in the future; and,
  • Photos where she is covered up.

There is a teenager in Australia suing her parents because she says that photos posted of her when she was little infringes on her rights to privacy.

I should mention that the rules above only apply to our little human, not our fur baby – post away pictures of Schnitzel!

What social-media rules have you self imposed on yourself regarding pictures of your little ones?

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  1. Ara
    | Reply

    Privacy is so 2015. Seriously, if someone wants info, they’re going to get it. I worry about things I can control which is the safety of my daughter when I’m around and to not post anything that would seriously embarrass Ava (there i said her name) in the future (but I’m sure something will slip through the cracks). I can hopefully arm little Ava (oops I said it again) with the tools to handle herself in this crazy place.

  2. Sam
    | Reply

    Very useful tips . thanks for sharing

  3. Mike
    | Reply

    We had a debate about it in my household. I post anything and everything and my wife likes privacy. Lo and behold, I had to write a blog post where I was given the choice between using real photos or real names. I opted for real photos after I put my dogs’ faces on my kids and gave myself nightmares. Honestly, though, I don’t see the big deal. If people want to figure it out, I’m sure they’ll be able to. I hope my kids grow up to have a sense of humor, otherwise that lawsuit you mentioned will be a concern! Good luck with the blog from a fellow new blogger!

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