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Do Millennial Parents Need To Chill The F Out?

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As I look around my house, and all the gadgets and stuff we’ve bought for Haddie, it occurred to me that her childhood is going to be much much different that when I was a kid.

Sure, there is the obvious stuff, like the fact that she will probably learn the basics of an iPhone by the age of 8 months, and she’ll be connected to the entire world in a way that as a kid I couldn’t even have fathomed.

But, the way we interact and treat our children is now completely different. This was really brought to light when BuzzFeed posted the article “Okay, Millennial Parents Need To Chill The Fuck Out.” <— click on that, it is totally hilarious, and worth it.

How Millennial Parents take Family Photos vs how your parents took family photos (Source: BuzzFeed)

Some of these really hit close to home, like the baby pictures (yup, we do that every month!), or the gender reveal party (yup, we sure did that!). Sorry, I am not posting either of those pictures here!

I don’t know how real some of the other examples are, as we are no where close to those life events yet – but, I feel from my friends that they are pretty realistic.

Are you raising your children like you were raised, or are you doing it Millennial style??? Is there anything wrong with this new millennial way?? Let me know what you are doing below!

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