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Diapers go in the Green Bin, but you’ll never guess what doesn’t

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For the first few weeks that we had Haddie our garbage was exploding. Of course, we had garbage from all the new newborn things we had to buy, and all the packaging that comes from gifts – but this was something different. Our garbage was exploding, and it stank! Quickly, like so many other new parents, I realized that the garbage was exploding because it is being stuffed by dirty diapers.

As I was debating paying the City for a larger garbage bin, it was brought to my attention that diapers could go into the Green Bin.* HURRAH!

My excitement quickly turned to horror when I was told that while diapers could go the Green Bin, butt wipes were not permissible in the bin. Say what?! How does this make any sense??? Maybe I am unique, but after I wipe the butt, I put the wipes** into the old dirty diaper, package everything up, and toss it.

This means that dirty poop wipes need to be separated and thrown into the trash while the diaper goes into the Green Bin. I find it doubtful that anyone actually does it, and I imagine that our City’s compost system is being ruined by the combination of diapers and wipes.

Here is where I find this really annoying. You know all those special compostable bags you buy for your green bin?? You don’t need to buy those!*** The city says:

So, if they can make a mechanism that separates the bags, why can’t they create a mechanism that can separate out the diaper wipes – knowing that no one actually separates them.

* I live in Toronto, Canada – check with your local municipality on their requirements
** I use about a million wet wipes per change
*** Why would the city recommend not buying the biodegradable ones, and saying they provide no benefit. Even if they end up in the dump, wont they biodegrade and be better for the planet than using a plastic bag?

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