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Costco’s best kept secret – they don’t open at 10am

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Having a little one means that our house goes through a lot of supplies. Our number three supplies from Costco are: Kirkland Toilet Paper; Kirkland Paper Towels; and, Kirkland Baby Wipes.*

Sunday was wet and cold in the morning, so we decided to take our little one on a fun shopping expedition to Costco. Of course, being semi absent minded on a Sunday morning, I didn’t even check their hours of operation – we just jumped in the car at 9:20am and off we went.

We were at Costco, and happily shopping by 9:30am.

Shopping at Costco at 9:37am

Any long time Costco member will object to my statement now, and say: “No, no, no! Check the hours. Costco doesn’t open until 10am on Sundays.”

The posted Costco Hours on their website

Yes. Unbeknownst to me, Costco says that they open at 10am. That said, when we arrived the parking lot was packed, and people were already coming out with their goodies.

Is it their best secret, or their worst secret? I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’ve never known about this secret until this weekend. It appears that there is a real secret in the world of Costco: they open their doors way way way early.

Twitter has confirmed the secret

Thinking about a Costco run? Try heading there early, you won’t regret it. But, after some internet sleuthing, it seems that no one actually knows the rules for how early they open – some 30 minutes early, and some 15 minutes early.

No one knows what time they actually open, not even Reddit

PS: Sorry if I ruined this secret for all you early goers. You should have told me about this years ago, and I wouldn’t have spilled the beans.

*No, I am in no way affiliated with Costco, and I received nothing for saying this. In fact, those three products are the best in their class (in my humble opinion).

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  1. Tyler
    | Reply

    Must be a location specific thing. I’ve been to both of our Costco locations (nearest us) and both have not opened their doors till their opening times. Crowds of people with carts at the ready crowed around their bay doors awaiting to be let in.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Interesting. I am going to continue and dig a big deeper into this.

  2. Lisa
    | Reply

    I agree. When I arrive at 9:45 am, people are already done with their shopping. I was confused before but after reading this, I think that I will start heading over at 9am.

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