» » If your children love Toronto and Canada, read this

If your children love Toronto and Canada, read this

Do you know who Paul Covello is?? Neither did I, until I wrote this post.

BUT, we were recently given Haddie was recently given two of his books, entitled Toronto ABC and Canada ABC – and, in the very few days we’ve had them, they have become my go to books to read to Haddie. (Note, this post is not sponsored by Covello, but if you want to buy these books, check them out at the Spacing Store, or at Chapters. An other note, if you’ve never been to the Spacing Store in Toronto, it is a must.)

Toronto ABC and Canada ABC

First off, they are full of Toronto and Canadian culture (why wasn’t P of Poutine?? I don’t know – maybe because Poutine is now considered a victim of cultural appropriation?).

Second, they have awesome graphics that children seem to love, and as an adult I really appreciate. The graphics are full of colour, and tell incredible stories. Check out how awesome “K” is in Toronto ABC.

K is for Kensington Market

And, third, they help to teach the ABCs.

Of course, after reading these books a few times, I had to dig into this Paul Covello and find out everything there is about him. This is what I dug up from his bio: “Paul Covello is an illustrator, motion graphics artist and designer living in Toronto, Canada.” Okay, I didn’t dig too deep, but that was enough. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Heads up, Canada 123 is launching soon and you can now pre-order it from the Chapters link above. I wonder what part of Canada he will show for 420?


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