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Button Up sleepers SUCK

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Dear The GAP,

Please start selling zipper sleeper 1-piece for newborns to 3 months – not just the button ups. You seem to have them online, but at your stores they are non-existent. Why even sell button ups? Who in their right mind would ever buy those?

Button ups SUCK!

Zippers are so much better, especially in the middle of the night when you are so tired and those little buttons just don’t seem to line up properly.

Here is a breakdown of why the buttons suck so much: we are checking and changing Haddie’s diaper all time, as she is a newborn, and button ups take about 10x as long to get back on as zipper. Who wants to spend half their day figuring out how to line up these little itty-bitty buttons?! While buttons might be a bit cuter, zippers are fast and convenient.

Why are zipper sleepers so hard to find?!? Maybe it is because people are scared of zipping the skin of their newborns? Maybe, but there is a really easy fix to that – put your finger under the zipper as you zip.

Zipper PJs from Carters

We really like the Carters zip ups – they are affordable, cute, comfortable and in abundance.




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  1. Julian Back
    | Reply

    Great post and I agree! I demanded we only use zip ups with Stella. The only buttons I didn’t mind using were with onesies.

  2. Chris LeBouthillier
    | Reply

    I think I preferred buttons when my daughter was a bit younger, only because in the middle of the night I could change my daughter without finagling too much with her legs and opening up anything at the top. On many nights I was able to get away with her staying mostly asleep in the process. Now that shes 1 and no night changings, I hate buttons.

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Oh god! It is the middle of the night that I need zip ups the most!!! My eyes are too tired to line up the buttons!!!

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