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What is up with all the garbage mommy-bloggers out there?

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In setting up this blog I read a lot of parenting blogs, and I was so surprised by what I found.

There are so many shit mommy blogs out there – my very unscientific stats show that 99% of them of garbage. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of awesome ones. In addition to some others, I really like “Her Bad Mother” and “Cheaper than Therapy” – both Canadian bloggers.

There are so many “mommy bloggers” out there just obviously peddling junk for money. If you’ve ever read mommy blogs, you know what I am talking about, the ones that are covered top to bottom in posts about Netflix, certain types of wet wipes, and contests.

Just to be clear: there is nothing wrong with companies paying you to promote them or advertise them on your page, but you have to be clear about it. Are you a mommy blogger, and just finding out about this?? I interviewed Casie Stewart about it in the podcast “Bitch please! Casie Stewart Talks Influencer Marketing“, and she wrote about it here.

As an FYI, here are the major ways that advertisers pay to play with bloggers (note, there are many other ways via other outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram):

  • Product tests and product reviews;
  • Prize donations; and,
  • Guests posts.

I don’t know what’s worse, the mommy bloggers getting away with this, without even mentioning that they are being paid by the companies, or the companies actually paying these “influencers” – I am doubtful on their ROI (return on investment). I have not done a deep dive into these mommy bloggers traffic, but from simple Alexa intel, it seems like these people aren’t influencing anyone other than themselves.

PS: Haddie had a major diaper explosion this morning, and it got all over me. I stink. Don’t worry, we gave her a quick sponge bath and she smells great.

PPS: Netflix didn’t pay me for any of those images in this post – I just wanted to get my point across.

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    About time someone said this. Well done. Cheers.

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