» » Baby Shark vs Sleeping Bunnies: Most addictive action songs for kids?

Baby Shark vs Sleeping Bunnies: Most addictive action songs for kids?

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Some kid’s action songs are just so dang addictive. Literally stuck in my head for days at a time, often on repeat in my own head while I go to sleep.

Recently I’ve come across two such songs that are not only stuck in my head, but which I also really dig. They are active. They are fun. And, the kids love them.

So, which is the better of the two? Which are your favourites? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Baby Shark

A few weeks ago my good friend, and incredible children’s entertainer, Andrew Badali from Music with Drew, taught me a new song. Well, it probably isn’t new at all, but it was new to me. This song must be one of the most addictive kids songs around, and I literally can’t keep it out of my head.

The song is called Baby Shark, and I think the best performance (other than Andrew’s) is by PinkFong. Give it a listen below.

Sleeping Bunnies

My wife has been doing this weird “Sleeping Bunny” lyric with our little one since she was a month old. I never really understood it – most likely because while she was on maternity leave she was going to the music classes, leaving me to make up lyrics to my own tunes while she had the more professional ones. Haddie loved pretending to sleep, then always started giggling when it was time to get up. It was very cute.

It was only two weeks ago that I heard the real song, not the mom-sung song, while our little one was dancing in her crib with her cousin Yael. It was the cutest thing, ever. The song they were dancing to: Sleeping Bunnies, of course.

Haddie and Yael dancing in the crib – sorry, I didn’t post the actual video, but you’d probably pass out from total cuteness overload

This is another song that I just can’t get out of my head, and love playing for Haddie.

I haven’t listened to enough versions to know which one is best, but I quiet like the one below.

So, if looking for some new action music for your little ones, these are two great additions to your repertoire.

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