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Are you getting a bouncy castle for your backyard?

Our daughter doesn’t stop.

Literally, she is like the Energizer Bunny, hop-hop-hoping and tap-tap-tapping her way through the day. She just wont stop moving. Occasionally she will sit down for 3-4 seconds, then be back up running around. We are determined to keep her active – and safe – and have outfitted our backyard with all sorts of awesome, active and educational(ish) games.

Our latest purchase was a “Bouncy Castle” for our backyard, which I posted a picture of on my Instagram Story. Within minutes, I was getting questions about where we purchased it. Seeing as there is such a demand for Bouncy Castles, rather than dealing with continually messaging people back, I will post it here: Little Tikes Junior Jump N Slide Bouncer

Haddie, sliding down the Bouncy Castle

We got it on Amazon for $238+tax (CDN), but sometimes Toys R’Us has it on sale for $199+tax (regular price $299.99), which we missed by a few weeks. I have a lot of readers in the US, so here it is on the American Amazon at $183.99 USD.

I have no experience with any other Bouncy Castles, so I can’t compare them. But, I can tell you that our daughter loves this one, especially if you get some “Sleeping Bunnys” playing in the background, or have friends over to jump around.

It has been great to get her beans out in a safe environment, but I am blown away with watching her balance and dexterity improve, especially jumping down the slide.

Chills on the Junior Jump N Slide

The Bouncy Castle takes about 3 minutes to set up, and get blown up, and taking it down is quite simple. One it is taken down, the Castle fits in supplied bag, which makes it easy to store.

Note: I have no affiliations with Amazon or Little Tikes; and there was not financial gain for this post.

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