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Apple + Baby = Amazing

🍎 + 👶 = 💥

I admit it: I am an Apple fanboy. I love my iPhone and my MacBook Pro – I love everything Apple.

That said, in recent years I’ve started to have some issues with their products and how they integrate together, and I even thought about shorting their stock; that said, I have no clue how the stock market really works, and wouldn’t have the tiniest clue on how to short something.

The Apple Watch and the Apple AirPods are two products that when they came out, I thought they were the silliest products of them all.

Due to the fact that the Apple Watch needs to be wirelessly tethered to your phone at all times made me think that it was pretty pointless, and the fact that it is too slow to really use apps made me think it is even sillier. Of course, Carlie and I got them the second they came out.

The Apple Watch

And, don’t get me started on my original thoughts on the AirPods!! Teeny tiny headphones that magically stay in your ear and make it look like you are a crazy person when using them to talk – you’ve got to be crazy! Of course, Carlie Haddie bought them for me as a Father’s Day present this year.

The AirPods by Apple

Well…. let me tell you something about the Apple Watch, the Airpods, and baby parenting life : They are incredible! If you are looking for some really useful products that will actually make your life as a parent a small percent better, these two things are the answer.

Below I am going to tell you why these two products are awesome, but let me start by saying that I know a lot of people are going to email me, and tell me that when I am with a baby, I should give them my 100% attention, and not be doing anything else. I know. I agree. I try.

The Apple Watch:

How often are you feeding your baby or playing with them on the ground, or busy having fun with them and your phone dings? Chances are it is nothing important, but it might be. With the Apple Watch, rather than finding your iPhone, you just turn your wrist and you can see who is calling, answer the phone, read a message, or respond to a message.

How often is your brain mush after busting your butt all day, you are covered in baby puke, and just want a few minutes to read your emails but you’ve lost where you put your phone? With the Apple Watch, you just press a button, and your phone beeps. Problem solved.

The AirPods:

These are awesome. These are actually a game changer.

I never talk on my iPhone through the physical phone anymore – only the AirPods. The phone sucks. The sound sucks. The fact that you have to use one hand sucks. The whole process sucks. With AirPods sound is crisp and loud, and it leaves both your hands free without any wires dangling around. I now dread getting a phone call when I don’t have my AirPods on me – in fact, I’ll often not answer and just call back when I am either in my car (on handsfree) or have my AirPods with me.

A lot of my day when I am not at work is spent walking the baby in the stroller and walking our dog Schnitzel. For those of you who don’t know much about me, I am addicted to Podcasts, and walking the stroller and dog with one AirPod in lets me listen to Podcasts without having a wire dangling, allows me to answer or make calls, and all around makes for more interesting strolls.

So, if you have a baby and have an iPhone, then I recommend these two Apple products – you won’t be disappointed.

PS: this post was not sponsored by Apple; I’m just a fanboy.

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  1. Carol King
    | Reply

    Huh! I recall you debating the benefits of the watch. I have one and LOVE it. The earphones were a surprise for me….they really don’t fall out? And you aren’t afraid of losing one?

    • iSlutsky
      | Reply

      Really – they don’t fall out. I am obsessed with them. But, yes – I am always afraid of dropping them or losing them.

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