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Amazon is incredible, and even better when you have a baby

This is not a sponsored post, but it is a post about my love for Amazon.

I love Amazon. It is incredible. I didn’t think I could love Amazon more than I did, and then we had a baby and my love grew even deeper.

You’ve probably seen the yellow happy face; however, did you notice it shows “from A to Z”?

In fact, I typically get one to two deliveries per day from Amazon – it’s really that good. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you should sign up ASAP, and upgrade it to Prime.

For those of you living under a rock, Amazon the the largest Internet-based retailer in the world (by sales and market cap), and you can buy almost anything on it.

With a basic/free account, they usually have a pretty good delivery time and the shipping costs aren’t too high. But, with a PRIME account, shipping is free on most items and you often can get the item on the same day. The cost of a PRIME account is about $79 per year, and it pays for its self really fast.

Running low on diapers? No worries, same day.
Running low on formula? No worries, same day.
Running low on anything? No worries, they’ve got it.

Another great feature about Amazon is on their app you can scan barcodes to compare prices. Often when baby-shopping, I’ll have my cell phone out and compare prices on the spot – if Amazon is cheaper, I’ll buy it on the spot and typically the item will arrive at our home later that day. Typically Amazon is cheaper. Typically the retailer hates this.

Just click this button on the Amazon app

Side note: I will often compare pricing in the store, and they will match the Amazon price, in which case I’ll buy it from the physical store that I’m at.

But wait, there is more!!!! There is even more savings with Amazon when you “subscribe and save” to a baby item. For instance, I am subscribed to receive a box of diapers once per month, which gets me additional savings on the items (which I should note are already cheaper than my local drug stores). I am currently saving an additional 20% on Pampers Diapers.

Follow the instructions above

For the numbers people, in Canadian dollars, I am paying $29.82 for Pampers Size-2 (186 count, at $0.16 per diaper). Last I remember, this was about $40+ at Shoppers Drug Mart and $37.28 at Walmart ($0.23 per diaper / you can save 5% if you subscribe).

This post is just touching the surface on how awesome Amazon is, especially when you have a baby. There are plenty of other features to explore. It looks like their service in the US is even better than in Canada, probably because, well, we are in Canada.

Shoot. Even with all my planning, I still have to do Shoppers runs twice a week at 10pm for forgotten items.

As mentioned, I was not paid by Amazon for this post and receive nothing from them for this post. I just love Amazon – it’s a real game changer.

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