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2 year old suddenly hates baths

Our two year old daughter used to love bathes. Bath time was her favourite. Playing. Fun. Splashing. Giggling. Washing her body and hair. Easy as could be.

Then, a few weeks ago, all hell broke loose. It was literally overnight. She went from loving the bath, to despising the bath. We put her in the bath, poured water over her head and she started screaming bloody murder (read: crying, yelling, clawing, trying to jump out of the bath). It was awful.

Compounding to the issue, she has a crazy afro; washing, conditioning and combing said afro makes the above mentioned screaming bloody murder seem like a breeze.

Check out that afro!

Are you in the same boat?? Fret not dear friend! I’ve got the answer.

Bath Crayons: Life Saver!

Quick! Go to Amazon, and buy some Bath Crayons. I bought these ones: Munchkins 31286 5 Piece Bath Crayons Set

Bath crayons have been a saviour. Haddie gets really into drawing all over the bath, and doesn’t even notice us washing her.

Conditioner in hair; don’t care

Is bath time all laughs and giggles now? No, but it is one heck of a lot easier.

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